London escorts and the ultra tranquillizers

Hardly a couple of months back, I was strolling through the Royal Botanic Gardens, with a movie camera in my right hand, to capture the beauty of crocus flowers, when all of a sudden, I heard a shriek in back of me. It had come from a girl, who had lost balance, on account of wearing high heels. I at once reached her and helped her to regain the balance she had lost. She thanked me very gently, in a voice that had a melodious touch; there was an air of magnetism around me. I felt like I was being drawn towards her. Very soon, we were sitting in a nearby bar; only after an hour of casual chat, we had our first mutual kiss—an experience that I refuse to forget.

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Later I came to know her real identity; she was a sex worker, so well mannered ‘Could a sex worker be so much sophisticated in her manners?’ I said to myself. Naturally from then on, my interest in her personality kept increasing. During our next meeting, she introduced me to one of her Brazilian friends; both were working for a  London escorts agencies   What I experienced over the next couple of weeks brought a U-turn to my life; I stopped visiting gardens, because now I had found pretty human flowers. Both these were not just common girls; they were actually leading ones in their rankings. The Brazilian excelled the other because of her self – restraint. Unbelievable isn’t it! These elite London escorts had been very aptly coached, instructed and prepared to deal with their clients with paramount courtly, gracious methodology. The escorts in London, I further came to know, do not believe in just earning money, they are very serious about giving their clients the genuine worth of money, paid to them. Vow……


Inside my being, high class London escorts  inculcated a yearning to re-experience girl from some of the best escorts agencies the inexplicable feeling of steamy porno, which I still cherish. Now that I have left London and got settled in Oxford but whenever I visit London, my tour seems incomplete without tasting the enticing temptations offered by these substantial charmers.